Joint Programmes and Trust Funds

The UN in Indonesia promotes joint programmes to support sustainable development. In 2022, it implemented 19 such programmes and launched four new ones, covering issues ranging from climate change mitigation and migration governance to preventing violent extremism, innovative financing for the SDGs and tackling waste trafficking. Chapter Three details the programmes’ results. 

Three independent final evaluations of UN joint programmes took place in 2022.  

1. For Employment and Livelihood, the evaluation concluded that the programme met or exceeded most performance targets and was highly relevant to rebuilding employment and livelihood prospects after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. For Leaving No One Behind: Adaptive Social Protection for All in Indonesia, the evaluation concluded that the programme was well-aligned with the Government’s vision and ongoing efforts. It also highlighted that inclusivity and human rights issues were appropriately addressed. 

3. For Tackling the Threat of Violent Extremism and its Impacts to Human Security in East Java - The Guyub Project, the evaluators concluded that the programme had a “tremendous impact on the people in East Java… both in educating and preventing violent extremism, empowering women, and helping victims of terrorist acts.”  

Joint Programme Table
Joint Programme Table


Multi-Partner Trust Funds   

Multi-partner Trust Funds, or MPTFs, help finance programmes prioritised by the UN and the Government. They also drive UN reform by encouraging more collective action.  In 2022, eight of Indonesia’s nineteen joint programmes received funding from MPTFs, while eleven were funded by international development partners. The following MPTFs have funded joint programmes in Indonesia in 2022: 

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