Leave No One Behind - Outcome 4

The UN in Indonesia continued to build governmental capacity to utilize gender data in reporting on progress of the SDGs, worked to ensure equitable access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and digital tools, and to include children with disabilities in every appropriate UN programme. It also helped strengthen policies and Government programmes addressing the risks facing young people in the digital world.

Graphic of Proportion of expenditure on Research and Development in the GDP
Graphic of Indonesian Ranking at Global Innovation Index


National Policies Innovation and Knowledge Sharing to Accelerate the Achievement of the SDGs
Innovative Financing Instruments Leveraged For Sustainable Development
Tech, Innovation and Big Data-Driven Development


As chair of the Archipelagic and Island States Forum, Indonesia brought together 47 archipelagic and island states to address common challenges and identify opportunities for collaboration

Over US$1.7 billion was raised from domestic and global markets to finance the SDGs and contribute towards other development needs

The SDG Dashboard 3.0 and SDG Good Practice Repository were launched to support policies to accelerate the SDGs


A man holding bananas at a banana plantation
In Indonesia’s Subang Regency, West Java, entrepreneur Adimas Muhammad Wibisana is experimenting with an exciting new idea. He wants to tap into the agri-tourism potential of his greenhouse, which currently produces cantaloupe melons, and bring tourists to experience life as farmers during a harvest season. It is ideas like this and Mr Wibisana’s ability to realise them that won him a Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Support Services Programme (YESS) competitive grant, co-financed by IFAD and Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture in 2022.
Two farmers are tending the crop
Concrete plans to improve digital skills and literacy, connect remote areas to the Internet and strengthen digital security were some of the key outcomes of Indonesia’s Presidency at the G20 meeting held in 2022.