Integrated Policy Advice to the Government

Amid 2022’s interlinked global crises of food, energy, and finance, the UN in Indonesia continued to deliver the Government integrated policy and support for its priority initiatives, including its G20 Presidency, developing a Blue Economy roadmap, advancing an Economic Transformation Agenda (ETA) aimed at Indonesia becoming a high-income country by 2045, and financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

G20 Indonesia
Blue Agenda
Economic Transformation
SDG Financing

The SDG Bond Issuance

Following the success of its first SDG Bond issuance in 2021, the Government issued a second SDG Bond in November 2022, worth US$210 million in the domestic market. The SDG Bond Issuance has to date funded:

>30 mil

vaccinations for babies (covering about 15.3 million boys and 14.7 million girls)

11.4 mil

scholarships for students (covering about 6 million male students and 5.4 million female students)


Base Transceiver Stations constructed to improve internet access in Indonesia’s most remote and least developed region.